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Achieving Peak Performance

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Individual Services

We provide services to individual athletes and performers focusing on improving performance in competition and life. Our providers are trained in providing sport and performance psychology services along with general clinical services to address your mental health needs.

Group/Team Services

We will contract with your team/organization to develop a program that fits your needs. Whether you are looking for a provider to work with your team throughout the season, year, or on an occasional basis, we can put together a program that is right for you.   

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Speaking Engagements/ Workshops

Looking for a speaker to present to your team/organization? We provide talks and workshops on a wide range of topics related to performance and mental health.   Contact us to discuss you objectives and we will put together an engaging and informational presentation for you. 

For Injured Athletes

We recognized that being injured comes with many challenges, both physical and otherwise. The Elite Recovery Group is structured to offer skills that can be used in conjunction with your physical recovery to cope with the challenges, setbacks, and uncertainty surrounding injury and return to play.   In this group, athletes will have the opportunity to expand their identities and make meaningful connections with other athletes/performers currently working through injury. After leaving the group athletes will have tangible skills and connections that can aide in them feeling more in control of their recovery, confident in their return, and ready to handle future challenges on and off the field.

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