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Athlete's Corner with Shay

Shaylan Ahearn

Welcome to the Athlete’s Corner Blog! My name is Shaylan Ahearn and I am a senior student-athlete at the University of Maryland. I am majoring in psychology and communication at UMD with the goal of exploring clinical and sport psychology in the future. I am a member of the University of Maryland Women’s lacrosse team where I have been a part of conference titles while playing alongside some of the best in the sport of lacrosse. I wanted to create this athlete’s corner blog to talk about my personal mental performance struggles during my athletic career, and mental skills that have helped me along the way. It is my hope that other athletes will read about my experiences and maybe pick up a few skills they can use in their own performance. If nothing else, I want each athlete that reads these posts to know they have people in their corner that are going through the same struggles and challenges. This same group that is struggling together can also root one another on and help each other succeed. As athletes it is important we stick together and support one another, that is the mission of "The Athlete's Corner". 

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