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The Elite Advantage Workshop Series

In an effort to reach as many athletes as possible, we have put together a workshop series to teach skills and strategies for navigating different aspects of the athlete experience.  Our team of mental skills coaches will provide online workshops on key aspects to developing your mental game.  In these workshops, you will learn new skills, techniques and ways of thinking to help you excel and reach your full potential on and off the field.

If you would like to learn more about the topics discussed, explore in more depth, or set up a workshop for your team/organization, please reach out so we can customize the topics for your needs.

Check back for more workshop dates in April 2024

Coming soon

Previous Workshops

Time Management

Dr. Michelle Garvin led this workshop teaching  strategies for time management and making the most of the limited time you have while balancing sport, school, and life.

Recognize and


Dr. Michelle Garvin led this workshop focused on enhancing performance, recognizing and overcoming obstacles, and developing reset cues to help get performance back on track. 

Mind on Recruitment

Shana Jones led this workshop teaching strategies for dealing with the range of emotions that come during the college recruitment process. 


with Injury

Shana Jones led this workshop on injury and the resulting rehabilitation process. She provided techniques and mental skills for coping throughout the process. 

How to Handle Performance Anxiety

Megan Guresh led this workshop teaching strategies for playing through and overcoming performance anxiety.

Increasing Confidence

Megan Guresh led this workshop on building and maintaining confidence.  The workshop explored what contributes to confidence and provided strategies and tips to increase confidence and improve performance.

Mental Health vs. Mental Performance

Kathryn Rowe led this workshop geared toward parents and coaches that focusing on learning the differences between these two important topics.  

Disordered Eating

Dr. Dinius led this workshop to help understand the warning signs and the physical and psychological symptoms of disordered eating in sport (i.e., RED-S: relative energy deficiency in sport).

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